Rejection #14

Rejection #14 Sarah Ballard - United Agents

Dear Dominic,

I’m really mortified to realise that I haven’t responded to your submission of April last year. I had warned you I would take a while, but that really was far longer than I has anticipated!

I read your apostles submission a little while ago now, and I’m sorry to say that my gut feeling was that, despite the obvious ease of your prose, this wasn’t for me. I simply didn’t fall in love with it as I’d hoped to.

I’m sorry to disappoint you – and to have taken such a very long time to reply.....So do please forgive me. I hope it didn’t seem like apathy on my part.

I’m sure you’ll find someone who feels confident about taking this forward very soon – perhaps you have already - and I wish you well with it.

All good wishes


(285 left to go)